Farm Fresh Eggs & All Natural Honey

Flavorful eggs from happy chickens and golden honey from treatment-free bees.

About Us

We are a small, family farm in Southeast Missouri specializing in raising chickens and honeybees. Our goal is to provide tasty eggs and golden honey to local customers.

Our bees are treatment free, ensuring the purest and healthiest honey possible. Our chickens enjoy a free-range lifestyle and receive what we like to think is the best care any chicken can get!

What we sell from our farm

Golden honey

Farm fresh eggs

Body Balm

Some of our residents

There are many personalities on the farm. Here are just a few...

Ric Flair yells "Wooo" all day long.

Righteous Gemstone "Gem" protects the flock...mostly from us getting too close.

Sloane watches over our flock when she isn't getting scratches.

"The farm fresh eggs from KPM Farms are the best I've ever tasted!"


Don't take our word for it....

Bitchee Bee Honey Bottles
Bitchee Bee Honey Bottles

"BitcheeBee honey from KPM Farms is delicious!"


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